What Is the Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer?

It is possible that you have become aware of gamete intrafallopian transfer that is a treatment just like IVF.

To make the procedure possible, the ovaries of the lady are stimulated to produce even more eggs which are later accumulated and the male additionally needs to offer sperm if there is no donor sperm used.

Information concerning the GIF procedure

After the egg collection is done, there are two eggs mixed with the sperm. The difference between GIF as well as IVF is that in this instance the gamete is created when the sperm fulfills the egg and also is immediately moved to the fallopian tubes, to ensure that fertilizing itself takes area in the woman’s body.

gestational diabetes testAs a result of the GIF treatment the embryo has its earliest stages of growth in natural environments and not in a laboratory meal as in case of IVF.

The fact is that the specialists prefer IVF over GIF due to the fact that it is much less invasive and the quality of the resulted embryos can be controlled.

Who can profit from gamete intrafallopian transfer?

In the bulk of the cases the doctors choose this treatment if the male patient is confronted with reduced sperm count or the sperm has low motility. In the exact same time the procedure can also be utilized in case of pairs that struggle with unidentified root causes of infertility.

The procedure

Just as the name suggests, in situation of the GIF procedure the experts are using the fallopian tubes of the lady as a type of incubator in which fertilizing takes place. Besides this major distinction, the process itself is very comparable to just what happens during IVF.

As it has actually been pointed out in the past, as component of gamete intrafallopian transfer the woman will obtain medicine that will sustain the production of fully grown eggs. Once these are mature, they are localized with the assistance of ultrasound and they are gotten rid of with a slim needle.

Just after a few minutes as component of the GIF procedure among these eggs will certainly be fed by the sperm of your partner. When this takes place, throughout a small surgical procedure, the eggs and also sperm are moved to the fallopian tubes. There is requirement for a little laceration in the abdominal area whereby the physician overviews a tube.

The gamete intrafallopian transfer makes it feasible for natural fertilization to happen. Hereafter you must relax for some time and also most possibly you will receive progesterone in order to help the cellular lining of the uterus develop, thus producing the best setup for the growth of the fetus.

How long does it take?

If you are considering the GIF procedure, you must understand that the whole therapy lasts for about 6 weeks. In this case the collection of the eggs and also the transfer of the egg as well as sperm happen throughout the same surgical treatment. The great information is that you could go house on the day you had the surgery.

Success rate

When it concerns gamete intrafallopian transfer, you ought to know that the outcome depends upon the sort of infertility problem that you have as well as on your age. Generally younger ladies have healthy eggs and also so the success price in their instance is greater. Relying on the clinic, the success price is of about 25% -30%.


Doctors usually suggest the GIF treatment in instance of females who have undamaged fallopian tubes and also if the person has religious or personal reasons for not wishing to have IVF. The procedure can likewise be utilized in case there are some troubles with transferring the embryo to the uterus via the cervix as well as the vagina.

You should also know that gamete intrafallopian transfer has numerous crucial disadvantages.

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