gestational diabetes recipesYou have actually simply learnt you’re expectant! Now what? Public or exclusive? Obstetrician or GP? Birthing centre or home birth?

Not to fret – we’ve created this post as a recap of the main kinds of antenatal and giving birth treatment available in Australia. Alternatives for treatment do vary slightly from one state to another, as well as can even vary within various areas of a state.

There are many things to consider when considering your antenatal care as well as giving birth choices. So where to start?

Who do you wish to look after you?


Obstetricians are physicians with professional training in giving birth. Your obstetrician will care for all your medical needs during your maternity and could cater for all kinds of maternity from low to high danger. If you want to be dealt with independently and you already have an obstetrician in mind, you will have to contact them to discover which healthcare facilities they have admitting rights to. If you don’t have a favored obstetrician, ask your GP for a referral or ask your chosen pregnancy medical facility for information of obstetricians that could practice there.


Midwives are health experts that supply expert treatment, education, and support while pregnant, birth, postnatal, and the very early parenting duration. Midwifery care includes the detection of difficulties in mother and baby, the recommendation to other experts, and the initiation of essential emergency situation treatment. Midwives offer numerous added solutions for total birth care such as:

  • preconception health (prep work for maternity)
  • all medical antenatal care
  • childbirth education
  • well-being while pregnant, such as nutrition, workout, and support
  • information on birthing choices as well as the effects of any kind of medications which might be made use of in labour
  • expectations/anxieties
  • postnatal look after mom and also child, including baby feeding and settling
  • lactation experts, offering specialized support for mommies, with breastfeeding

In most states, you can not presently use a midwife as your major care carrier on an exclusive basis unless you want to think about a house birth. You can utilize an independent midwife to opt for you to the health center, yet the midwife has no practising civil liberties in the medical facility and also you will likewise be attended by healthcare facility designated midwives and obstetricians as necessary. Since of present public obligation insurance coverage problems, home birthing choices are limited.

Independent midwives can also be used independently for any element of pre and post-natal treatment from giving birth education, to post-natal treatment of the mommy or child, nursing suggestions, and sleeping and clearing up techniques.

Will you see the exact same OB/midwife at each appointment?

Your main antenatal and also childbirth care company will certainly function as a group with others – also medical professionals as well as midwives are enabled to sleep and have days off.

When making your final choice, check that else you are most likely to see and also exactly how typically if that is something that is very important to you.

For example, if you select a personal obstetrician, you’re most likely to have all your antenatal visits in their personal spaces. During work you will be seen by the midwives at the medical facility until distribution impends, when your obstetrician will certainly be contacted us to participate in. If your obstetrician is not available, it’s likely an additional member of their method group will attend in his/her place.

If you attend a midwives center in a public healthcare facility as well as have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you are most likely to have each antenatal consultation with any kind of one of the team of midwives or obstetricians available on your center day. Your birth will be attended by whichever team of midwives as well as obstetricians is on duty at the time.

A variety of medical facilities are additionally now offering Caseload Midwifery or Midwifery Group Method. This is where the expectant lady is cared for by the same midwife, sustained by a small team of other midwives, throughout their maternity, birth, as well as very early weeks in your home. Ask if it is a choice at your hospital.

At the Royal Health center for Female in Sydney pregnant moms can sign up with a Maternity Centred Treatment Program – where they take part in 4 team sessions with up to 12 females due in the same month.

Antenatal as well as giving birth options

Private healthcare facility centers (cost involved)

If you wish to have your baby as a personal person, you obtain to pick where you give birth as well as who your main care company will be. You can choose your obstetrician initially – and afterwards learn which health centers he/she has confessing legal rights also – or you could select your maternal healthcare facility and find out which private obstetricians function there.

Once you are booked in with an obstetrician, you will certainly have all your antenatal appointments with him/her at their personal method. Your obstetrician will perform all antenatal examinations, or make plans or referrals for examinations as well as scans with professional providers.

You will certainly have no should most likely to the health center at which you will certainly provide birth up until the time shows up to have your infant. Several obstetricians and health centers will certainly prepare for a familiarisation visit beforehand so that you could have a quick appearance around before the huge day.

If you wish to make use of private clinical insurance coverage, make sure that you examine your plan carefully for the solutions covered before taking on any type of expensive examinations. Some plans have exemption provisions for cover for maternity in the first year (or more) of membership. Check likewise exactly what exclusive cover you would certainly have for your child as soon as born. Household cover usually consists of the youngster automatically, but this might not be the instance if you have private cover. Check your policy carefully. If all is well as well as your insurance policy will certainly cover you, select your recommended venue as well as speak with your medical insurance company concerning exactly what actions to draw from there.

If you desire to be treated as a personal individual, yet do not have exclusive clinical insurance coverage, you will certainly be required to pay all costs on your own. Check payment conditions with your treatment carrier and chosen maternal healthcare facility before taking on any type of consultations.

Public centers (normally no charge for eligible patients)

For treatment as a public individual under Medicare you will certainly require a referral by your regional GP. Call your local matenity healthcare facility for details of their booking-in treatment. The birth needs to occur at the hospital and there are generally no out-of-pocket expenses offering you have valid Medicare cover.

After ‘reservation in’ and also a preliminary analysis, you might then have the complying with alternatives for continuing treatment, giving your maternity is low threat and no problems develop:

  • maternity clinic at a hospital
  • midwife-managed ‘birthing centre’ at a hospital
  • community-based midwifery programme
  • shared care with your regional General Practitioner (some expenses included)
  • community-based antenatal center with a healthcare facility birth

For all the above alternatives, expert examinations, such as ultrasounds, will normally be brought out at a hospital.

If you are taken into consideration to be at danger of a much more complex maternity, you are likely to be asked for to go to the hospital for all your examinations.

Hospital maternity clinic

If you elect to have your antenatal treatment with the health center maternity facility, you are likely to have all your antenatal visits at the medical facility with your treatment being given by a group of midwives as well as obstetricians. That you see on your visit day will depend upon that is on responsibility on the day. On the downside, there can be long waiting times for visits, yet on the favorable side, the health center will organize for all your examinations, scans, as well as other care – which, in a lot of cases, will certainly happen in the medical facility itself at no charge to you. Health centers frequently offer added solutions such a pregnancy workout classes, postnatal education and learning, and also expert physiotherapy services.

The birth must occur at your picked hospital where you will certainly be seen on the day by the midwifery group as well as obstetricians working at the time. Postnatal care will certainly frequently remain in shared wards and also you can elect for an early discharge if staff feel that you are dealing well (specifically if it is not your first child).

Midwife-managed birth centre

Midwife-managed ‘birthing centres’ and complimentary standing childbirth devices provide for more natural ‘at-home’ design antenatal treatment, work, and birth. Places are restricted and also are only offered to maternities considered reduced threat. Early enrollment is suggested. Midwives take main expert responsibility for treatment. Because teams and also patient numbers are smaller sized, you have a much higher possibility of seeing the exact same midwife regularly throughout your antenatal apointments as well as the birth. During work and birth, clinical services, including obstetric, neonatal, and also anaesthetic treatment, are readily available if needed, often from a different site. A lot of centres are within hospitals so extra extensive medical care is readily available ought to an emergency situation occur. Information of facilities are consisted of in our pregnancy hospitals and also midwife managed birthing centres listings.

Community midwifery programs

Community midwifery programs typically run with a neighborhood health service or maternal hospital offering publically moneyed antenatal treatment at local community facilities or even homebirth care. CMPs typically operate with little teams of midwives adhering to a ‘continuity of treatment’ version. This choice is offered at some city public medical facility – although the number is boosting. It is much more commonly available in regional locations where area facilities ease the problem of having to take a trip cross countries to the nearby maternity health center. Talk to your regional maternity hospital or General Practitioner to see if this option is offered in your regional location and if you would be appropriate for this kind of program, which is typically only for low-risk pregnancies.

GP – shared treatment ( might be some expenses)

Under the ‘shared-care’ scheme, you divided your exams in between your General Practitioner as well as the pregnancy clinic at the healthcare facility. After a preliminary evaluation at the health center, the plan enables you to see your General Practitioner for regular check-ups, whilst you go to the hospital for scans, antenatal classes, as well as any type of examinations above and beyond those that can be accomplished by the General Practitioner. Regular checks after around the 36th week (relying on your maternal facility) will typically occur at the health center. If you want common treatment, check that your GP wants and able to supply this solution. Any type of charges due to your GP will rely on your GP’s private cost range as well as invoicing policy.

Home birth (costs associated with most situations)

A house birth choice is just readily available to low-risk pregnancies. It is readily available on an exclusive basis anywhere in Australia but homebirth in the public system is only available in really minimal areas.

See our post on having a house birth in Australia for extra comprehensive information on this subject.

Other childbirth services

There are a variety of additional private as well as social work to assist you with antenatal treatment and also childbirth prep work, offering support from parenting antenatal courses to hypnobirthing, birthing companions (doulas) and a lot more. See our maternity information center for pertinent web links, lists, and also useful tools such as a birthplan theme, and also overview to maternal leave.

More information

If you would like to find out more concerning birthing options or get in touch with local support system pertaining to childbirth concerns, see the organisations below:

  • Australian College of Midwives
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  • Queensland Centre for Moms and Babies
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  • Advocacy and support system for maternity and also childbirth care