what is gestational diabetesI wasn’t conscious before my very first pregnancy that umbilical cable blood as well as cells is a rich source of stem cells that might be utilized for clinical treatments.

I picked up from reading and discussions with my doctor that stem cells from cable blood can be used now for treatment of leukaemia, and there are numerous medical tests discovering just how cord blood might be used in the future for other problems such as analytical palsy, autism and also Type 1 diabetes.

When I made the decision to keep my little girl Layla’s cable blood, it was really crucial for me to understand that the cord blood is an excellent match for her. Significantly, compared with an unidentified contributor, there is additionally a much higher possibility that the cord blood stem cells will certainly additionally be a suit for the her sibling Perry.

I do believe that with all the research that is going on, stem cells will certainly be crucial in medical therapies in the future and it will certainly be helpful for my youngsters that I have kept their cord blood as well as tissue. If my kid was ever before to obtain ill with something that might probably have actually been dealt with utilizing their cord blood or tissue cells, I would certainly be close to myself to assume I taken into consideration storing but really did not occupy the option.

I’ve often been asked why I decided to save my child’s umbilical cord blood and also I absolutely hope my children will never ever have to use it nonetheless I see my choice as an insurance plan for a minimum of the following 25 years for Layla and Perry.

– by Jamie Triantis