gestational diabetes dietMelbourne remained in the grip of its best summer in 100 years. My small 5′ 3″ structure was bring around an enormous child, and feeling it.

My feet were the size of elephant’s, I had plump little sausage fingers, in order to the only garments that still fit were my comically extra-large comfort dresses.

I had lots of days of mental preparation in order to planning, practising ways to take care of the discomfort of labour and to conquer each physical hurdle. I wrote notes to myself, practised my breathing, packed my work bag with the tension rounds, songs in order to publications for distraction.

Then at 34 weeks I was informed that I was measuring at 38 weeks, and I was sent out for an ultrasound. My child was already a whooper! The ultrasound revealed a baby whose head had actually not come down, and that was currently at full-term weight, with a healthy layer of fat around it.

At 38 weeks I had another ultrasound scan, and also my little bub was off the graphes – a heifer to say the least. After lengthy conversations with my hubby, as well as OB, I waited and hoped that bub’s head would certainly come down which I would certainly still be able to provide natural labour a go. I had actually done all the prep work! My OB allow me wait as well as see up until 40 weeks.

I was doubtful and confident at the same time, yet alas, it was not implied to be. Bubs was just also comfortable in there! Fair sufficient too! Bub had a direct food line that was fattening it up perfectly. (It needs to be noted right here that there were no gestational diabetes at play, just an extremely healthy and balanced placenta).

At 40 +4 weeks I was reserved in for a prepared caesarean. Those four hrs prior to the surgery were agonising. Waiting to be hired, recognizing that really quickly I would be a new mum. My husband paced nervously, attempting to predict a calm outside and also coming a cropper. At 3pm we were called in. The operating theater was a loosened up setting, they also had the radio on. The nerves never ever actually disappeared, though, after the surgical treatment started.

According to the cosmetic surgeon, when they broke my waters there was so much liquid that their suction machine couldn’t cope and it went around the flooring! My husband was by my side the entire time, brushing my hair in order to maintaining me at simplicity. I remember feeling incredibly sleepy.

The anaesthesiologist offered me the heads up when it was nearly time and after that … a big cry filled my ears as well as I recognized my baby was birthed. My husband as well as I checked out each other, rips in our eyes in order to we gazed over the operating screen to see that we were provided a large, attractive, healthy, shrieking boy.gestational diabetes meal plan

His face was a little squashed, he should have been pushed up versus the wall surface for those last couple of weeks inside! My spouse had the honour of reducing his umbilical cord in order to I was satisfied that I was able to nurse my brand-new child in the healing theatre. A caesarean would certainly not have been my option, it was the ideal selection to make after our jumping and also lively young boy considered in at a hulky 4.7 kg.

On the 13th of March, 2013, the warmth wave of the best summer on record damaged, and I invited right into the world my lovely package of joy, Ryan.


Thanks to Ryan’s mum for sharing her fantastic birth tale with us.
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