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Did you know that in your 20 week scan – when the sonographer is trying to find signs of Down Syndrome – the chance is over 10 times higher that your infant might have a heart defect?

Did you understand that 6 children are birthed daily with Childhood Heart Illness (CHD)? This means it is among the leading Australian birth abnormalities.

Heart Youngsters Queensland have 5 basic, yet crucial, heart questions that every anticipating mum should ask their sonographer at their 20 week scan.

  1. “Do you see 4 chambers?”
  2. ” Do you look at the arteries or discharge tracks as component of the check?” CHD could in some cases be missed out on if they just do a ‘chamber sight’ as opposed to a details ‘artery sight’.
  3. ” Is their heart rate normal?” Normal is usually 120-180 – anything under 100 is also sluggish, as well as over 200 is too fast.
  4. ” Are the arteries hooked-up appropriately, as well as the belly and heart in the right settings?” Both of these organs should be on the infant’s left-hand side.
  5. ” Does the heart muscle work normally?” By 20 weeks, your child’s heart should be established enough to operate normally.

We understand that the impacts of a CHD diagnosis can be traumatic and also exceptionally difficult to manage, so we additionally desired to share the story of a little boy that resisted. Continue reading listed below for Damon Hood’s story.

Damon’s Story

Damon Hood was birthed on at 7.36 pm of Friday March 4th 2011. He was 10 days overdue. Work started for his mum, Rebecca, that morning – a few hours before she had actually an induction reserved in at Gold Coast Hospital. It was a complication-free first maternity for her – as well as after a straight-forward birth, Damon was 9lb 6oz and looked strong and also healthy. They were discharged after 2 days as well as scheduled into see their General Practitioner when Damon was 1 week old.

The words “great” as well as “ideal” were used by the medical professional at this check-up. Rebecca and also her partner, Tyler, were over the moon. That was till they were hearing Damon’s heart, and also the physician started looking concerned. He attempted to concentrate and pay attention tougher over Damon’s cries, and Rebecca recognized something was incorrect. After that the physician claimed the words no parent wants to listen to: “Damon has a heart whispering.” She flew right into panic mode. He looked so perfect.

At 3 weeks old, Damon was considered by a paediatrician at the Gold Shore Hospital. They presumed it was a Ventricular Septal Issue (VSD) – or a little opening in the heart. These openings typically shut up on their very own, yet they were referred to a cardiologist simply to earn sure. Through the general public system, the following cardiologist appointment was 5 months away, so a week later, the paediatrician did an echocardiogram (resemble) to look as well as ensure (although he wasn’t a cardiologist, he can detect a VSD).

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The heart scan happened on April Fool’s Day. After the scan and also a consultation, the paediatrician informed them that something was definitely irregular. They called the Mater Health center in Brisbane to give with a paediatric cardiologist today. After an oxygen saturations (SATS) reading of 70-75%, they were told to go right to the Kid’s Cardiology Outpatients Center at the Mater Kid’s Hospital. Rebecca as well as Tyler were worried, yet absolutely nothing had actually turned up on any type of ultrasounds, so it had to be mistake, right?

They were seen quickly after arriving. Damon had another resemble as well as electrocardiogram (ECG), as well as the results were gone over by several, top-level doctors. After much looking, talking, and a great deal of worry from his parents, Damon was diagnosed with a Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) and also a rare abnormal coronary artery anatomy. He needed open heart surgical procedure (OHS) at 6 months old to fix it. Rebecca and Tyler was speechless.

Damon had Hereditary Heart Condition (CHD). Rebecca had not also come across that, and also no idea what any one of it indicated. Her initial idea was “what did I do during my maternity to cause this?”. She ‘d made him, lugged him – definitely it was something she had actually done. The doctors clarified that it is a spontaneous and unreasonable point that you can’t protect against from occurring, nor do anything to create to happen.

They were informed to watch out for Damon having “tet spells” triggered by the blood flow to the lungs being decreased for a while. He would show up cyanotic, indicating blue, and also he may then look grey, which is also a lot more dangerous due to a lack of oxygen and also requires an ambulance to be called.

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Damon had 4 severe tet spells over the following couple of weeks as well as was in and also from healthcare facility. His very first OHS was brought ahead to 11 weeks old where he had a 3.5 mm BT Shunt placed in. He was re-opened for his 2nd OHS due to a blockage and a 4mm BT Shunt was placed in. Damon endured morphine withdrawals/addiction due to not being weaned off effectively when in Paediatric Critical care unit (PICU) and also was offered morphine daily in their prolonged Ward remain in order to be weaned off correctly.

The next 13 months were a feeding fight and also Damon was nasogastric tube fed up until he was 16 months old. At 14 months old, Damon had his third OSH for a ToF Repair service, however not every little thing could be totally fixed. He now has a Right Bundle Branch Block (affects the electrical activity of his heart) and also will certainly require future surgeries. Taking a look at Damon today, you can’t presume his heart problems. He is a bubbly, energetic, constantly grinning as well as dancing 2 years of age, likes to consume, has an outstanding creative imagination as well as is a proud huge brother to Wyatt.

Thanks to Heart Kids Queensland for this info as well as Damon’s story.